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Our project management consultants provide a full range of services from inception to completion. We have over 20 years experience of delivering IT focused Projects.

As a boutique sized company we can be far more competitive, providing tailored services compared with many of our competitors to the benefit of our clients. Most importantly the project management team will provide the individual hands-on care plus our complete attention to ensure the project runs smoothly.

We have the experience to anticipate and react to any potential problems before they arise resulting in a seamless project delivery that fits with the needs of every client’s business.



Our team of professionally accredited and highly qualified consultants can provide a host of services to add value and deliver the best value investment.  We offer a first class personal service with custom made consultancy offering to suit any type of project investment.

Our team can manage any project investment from £100,000 up to £250,000,000 and appreciate that each project requires a different approach uniquely tailored to the brief and business aspirations.  

The team love what they do, and pride themselves on the quality of their work, with an attention to detail to deliver the right solution for each new client. Our reputation rides on the quality of our delivery and every clients' satisfaction.


We will ensure we provide the following during your Project lifecycle:

Establish appropriate channels of communication between members of the project team.

Co-ordinate the project team during the preparation of the design brief.  Clarify the design brief as necessary during design development. Incorporate any changes and obtain authorisation.

Develop co-ordinate and report scheme design proposals to the Client.

Establish meetings structure and timing. Lay down the procedure for convening, chairing, attendance, function, frequency and responsibility for recording of meetings and distribution of information.

Monitor communications and distribution of information.

Ensure appropriate information is provided to the Client. Notify the Client of decisions requiring direct approval.


As part of our service we will:

  • Agree reporting and recording procedures with all project team members.

  • Organise and chair all principal meetings.

  • In conjunction with the project team, prepare and maintain a master programme from concept to completion to record principle activities and identify critical dates. Verify and incorporate other relevant programmes for production of detailed design information.  Monitor progress.

  • Advise of all changes, recommend appropriate action and obtain authorization.

  • Monitor the project team in the preparation of budget costs, and present feasibility studies to the Client for approval.

  • In conjunction with the project team prepare and maintain a master cost plan. Advise of any alterations required and obtain authorisation for changes.

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